Sunday, July 6, 2008

It is July 6th. We just finished a nice family/friend dinner in the back yard. Now, we are enjoying a thunder and lightning storm. We have the sights and sounds of the storm all around us, but no rain yet, but it smells fresh and clean.

It has been a nice week. The 4th of July weekend was full of tennis for us. Griffin, Courtney, and I all played in the "whoopie days" tournament. Griffin won his singles and doubles categories. Courtney won her doubles categorie and took second in singles. She did not win mixed doubles because she had a "weak" partner . . . that would be me. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of sun. That night we had a BBQ in the back yard, and then the traditional fireworks on Apache Avenue. It began years ago with our neighbors and us. This year there were lots of people enjoy the show with us.

Saturday, we went to Rigby lake to swim and lay out. Allison and I fell asleep in the shade and woke up in the sun. Krystalee, Courtney, and Nancy spent all their time in the sun. We all swam and the water felt great! Becca and Nathan also came and we enjoyed their company.

The thunder is getting really good now, so we are going to enjoy it.


Matt and Haley said...

Oh I missed the fireworks! :( Well, I hope that you all had fun and I love you all!

Logan and Rachel said...

Yay, you updated your blog. Good job. (I'm working on this positive reinforcement thing). Hearing about the fireworks in the street brought back happy memories.